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Sports Equipment Buy Online

Badminton and table tennis are among the most popular games liked by our teenagers. Especially at Schools and Colleges, students love to play such entertaining games. Besides entertainment, sports i.e. badminton and table tennis are good for the physical and mental health of our youth. Owing to the popularity among the youth, accessories for badminton and tennis are being largely produced in Pakistan. With that being said, browse the category of sports equipment and place an order for the one you want. 

Buy Badminton Rackets Online

Before you purchase a badminton racket, you need to ensure, it is lightweight and string tension is accurate to support your gameplay. We have a large variety of rackets for you to choose from. Browse thoroughly and choose the one that can help you ace the game easily. 


Buy Badminton Shuttlecock Online

Choosing the right kind of shuttlecock is crucial if you want to win a badminton match successfully. There are various kinds of shuttlecocks in the market, and you need to do a bit of research to know the right pick for you. Our website holds some of the strongest ones that can endure, the hits from a badminton racket productively.

Buy Tennis Racket Online

While planning to buy a tennis racket, you should be familiar with how you want the tennis racket to influence your game. Having a larger head size translates to having more power, while smaller ones indicate having more control. Similarly, buying a lightweight one represents power and heavier ones indicates having control. Regardless, however you want your game to transform, at Farosh, you can easily pick one as we exhibit a large variety of tennis rackets under a low price range. 

Other Sports Accessories

Apart from the sports mentioned above, there are other sports as well that are playing with enthusiasm too. Such games are squash, basketball, baseball, and much more.