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Buy Pet Accessories & Pet Food Online

If you’re a pet parent, you know how it can feel like having a real human child. You feed them, buy them toys, clean up their poop — you know, all that fun stuff. You’re also responsible for their safety and comfort, though, and if your wild travel antics regularly involve bringing your furry friend along for the ride, there are a few things you’re going to need before you set sail.


Online Pets Food In Pakistan

We have high-end product manufacturers on our panel that has been certified for high standards. The products that we provide have been tested to be safe and healthy for animals. The products at our online store are dedicated to cats and dogs of every breed and age. Ranging from seafood to real beef to Chicken food to baked treats for your pet, We ensure that you get the best version there can be.


Cat and Dog Food

We don’t only provide basic cat Food and dog food formulas rather we dig deeper to provide your pet with exactly what it needs. We have a variety of products and derivatives that are rich in certain nutrients that your pet is deficient in. Here at Farosh, we have pet food in all kinds of forms.


Cat & Dog Food Prices in Pakistan

We look for a variety of proteins, options for cats & dogs with various health needs, and multiple textures to suit unique preferences. In addition to sheer variety, ingredient quality and species-appropriateness weigh into this rating. A brand with a small selection of excellent foods will score higher than one offering an equally small selection of low-value foods. Shopping on Farosh is easy, safe, and convenient. You don’t have to move from shop to shop to buy Cat food and Dog food. Instead, you can log in to Farosh & check the dog food price in Pakistan, cat price in Pakistan, and order online pet food and pets accessories that suit your requirements. Farosh offers secure and easy payment options such as cash on delivery, credit or debit card, and jazz cash. Depending on your suitability, you can choose an appropriate payment method.