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Buy Washing Machine Spare Parts Online 

A washing machine is an essential appliance for a home. With our everyday engagements, we don’t have time or energy to wash our clothes and other accessories with our hands. Especially if you have kids at home, then you can definitely not afford to take the physical load on yourself. With a newborn throwing up after every hour or a toddler who has recently started using the toilet, it is easy to say you can round up with 4 to 5 additional clothes in every passing hour. A washing machine is your superhero and possibly the most convenient way of washing clothes and as well as keeping the quality of your fabric intact. These can be pricey but it is an investment of a lifetime. Purchasing a washing and a dryer machine is a must for a larger family.


Modern Solutions to Washing and Dyer Machine 

In the modern age, there have been modern solutions to our problems. If you cannot afford a full fledge washing machine and pay the bill it generates, then you can simply log on to Farosh and buy yourself a portable washing machine. Doesn’t it sound fun? Well, it surely is as it is a small bucket which can support a limited load but can work as same as a full fledge washing machine and give you cleaner clothes in no time. We provide a wide number of washer accessories such as a waterproof cover to protect it from getting dirty and damaged. Washing machine accessories are available at a cheaper price and of high quality. We also provide different options for dryer accessories to make it super convenient for you. Browse our category and let us know if you want to see other machine accessories added to the section.


Why Should You Choose Farosh?

Farosh is all about “Bachat aur Etimad”, we provide you a warranty with almost all the products sold online and if certain products are not available with a warranty, then it is clearly mentioned on the website to avoid any confusion. You can choose from different multiple options within your comfort zone and have your product delivered without any hassle. Each product is inspected thoroughly before leaving our premises, so our customers receive a fully sound product at their doorstep