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Other Tools & Hardware in Pakistan

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Other Tools and Hardware

Shop for the exclusive, top-rated tools and Hardware products from Farosh. From the mechanical tool to common hand tools including tape measures, hammers, wrenches, hex keys, pliers, and saws to other household items i.e. Hot Melt Glue Guns, Paint Zoom Paint Sprayers, Steel Scissors, Performance Silicone Lubricant, Cable Cutters, Bolt clipper, Diagonal Cutting Pliers, we have it all available at our official website. Log in to Farosh.com now and place your order without any hassle. 


Buy Power tools

Gone are the days, when people had to wait for days to get their car/vehicle fixed and repaired, but today is the age of advancement and automation. Thanks to the rapid pace of battery and motor technologies, that opened infinite doors of convenience and ease. With the electric motor and other power tools, the tasks that used to take days to cover through hand tools get finished in a couple of hours and even minutes. Amazed by the features of power tools? Log in to Farosh.com now and buy a power tool online without any hassle.  


Buy Fixtures and Plumbing Tools Online

Fed up with rushing for a plumber, every other time you want your pipe needs to be fixed? We can understand that how frequently, the maintenance of sinks and toilets eats one's time and money. The good news is here. Farosh is offering you a complete kit of plumbing tools that won’t let you anxious anymore. They include a magic hose pipe, water cannon, electric water pump, electric air pump, Jet water cannon, and the best wd40 price in Pakistan that you can buy online with Farosh.com.  Just get some skills and do it all yourself like a pro whether it is fixing the bathroom or kitchen pipes, or repairing your washing machine.  


Tool Box Price in Pakistan 

Get discounted and reasonable tool kit prices in Pakistan that won't let you anxious anymore.  Just get some skills and repair your car by yourself like a pro. Tool kits including tape measure, hammer, wrenches, hex keys, pliers, saws to other items like storage goods and power tools, we have everything available, you ever wished for. we have it all available on our site at surprising discounts.


Safe and Instant Delivery 

Take advantage of Farosh's rapid delivery of your preferred products. You only need to place an order, and we will send the item to your door within a few days. To ensure quick and secure delivery to its consumers, Farosh deploys a team of its own logistical partners. You don't need to be concerned about product delivery because our dependable logistic partners are skilled at completing orders quickly.